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Sports performance

Where athletes come to surpass even their own expectations


231+ 5star reviews


Tony - nationally competitive fencer

We've helped 1,093+ Coloradians improve their health & get in great shape!

Professional and Nationally Competitive Athletes trust their training to JRT Fit. Why? Our unique methods of individualisation have helped so many athletes surpass even their expectations!
Don't just follow the crowd and do a one-size-fits-all workout that looks hard... take an approach as if you have unique strengths and weaknesses... because you do!

We help you surpass yourself

Bekah - collegiate soccer player

What kind of athletes trust us

​What Kind of athletes trust us? -- Volleyball, Basketball, Boston Marathon & Triathlon athletes, Martial Arts (gold & silver medalists in international Taekwondo tournament, 2018!), Fencing, Baseball, Bodybuilding, Ice Hockey, Swimming, Motocross, Stand-up Paddle Board Racing (International champion!), and many more!


Amaya & India - taekwondo international gold & silver medalists

How we help each individual athlete

Training for baseball or softball is all about training for speed, quickness, and agility. While your coaches teach you the best moves on the field, we will make sure to work on your upper body strength, leg speed, all while making sure your rotator cuffs are at optimal flexibility and strength.


Kenzie - youngest American ninja pro in history

 Get your JRT Fit Assessment today for just $191

Regular price $497 | You save $306!

We believe the muscle imbalance assessment is the best choice for you. So we've decided to take all the risk onto our backs. If at any time in the first 7 days you feel that we did not live up to our promises, we'll pay you back DOUBLE what you've paid us - no strings and no questions!

JRTFIT rated #1 personal trainers in col

Ranked #1 personal trainers in Colorado

JRT FIT's team have won the award for TOP personal trainers in Colorado '2015, '2016 and '2017.




As a former competitive gymnast, I have received many injuries and muscle imbalances. He has helped correct my imbalances and worked with my injuries that no other physical therapist has been able to fix. Each time I walk out of training, I feel strong without any pain. This past November I qualified top 16 in the Women's Pro Division for the Wolfpack Ninja Tour being the youngest at 15. My trainer not only has improved my strength, but he gets me in the right mindset to compete and helps me stay motivated.


I have recieved excellent high level isolated exercise training at JRT Fit. The equipment is the latest new equipment available. My routine is designed for my age, ability and goals. I have seen great improvement in my national fencing competitions and general quality of life from the personalized training at JRT Fit.

- Tony Gross

- Kenzie Oneil

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