New Cleanliness & Disease Prevention Guidelines


  • Employ strict hygiene guidelines and frequent sanitization procedures for all contact surfaces

  • Ensure a minimum of 6 feet of separation between clients when not directly performing service

  • No more than 10 people in the facility at one time

  • Sanitize all equipment (handles, exercise equipment, weights, mats, water dispenser, etc.) after each use


  • Conduct symptom and temperature checks at the entrance and refer symptomatic persons to the CDPHE Symptom Tracker

  • Wash own hands upon arrival

  • Wash own hands between clients

  • Stay home if exhibiting any symptoms

To protect customers

  • Provide service by appointment only

  • Conduct symptom checks for customers

  • Provide contactless payment options (whenever possible)

Pertaining to Masks - As stated in A Scientific Look at COVID-19 Recommendations, fascial coverings are ineffective against viruses, though very effective to prevent bacterial spores. In an exercises environment, wearing any face covering will increase the amount of CO2 while decreasing O2 inhalation. According to, “Low oxygen levels can cause you to feel listless. Oxygen deficiency is the cause of many ailments because without enough oxygen your cells cannot be cleansed from toxins. Furthermore, a lack of sufficient oxygen can lower your immunity levels.”

Due to these facts, wearing fascial coverings will not be recommended unless mandated by law. If someone chooses to wear a fascial covering, they assume all liability for oxygen-deficiency-related ailments, and their trainer shall adjust their workout based on the decreased oxygen.

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