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Senior fitness

Get the physical energy you need, to do what you want 

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Does your body not work as good as it used to? Our goal is to get you in the right shape so you can perform your every day tasks. Our job is to get you to have more energy, better balance and less aches and pains

#1 Senior fitness program in Colorado

Better balance & more strength


Drastic results in only 4 weeks!

#1 Senior fitness program in Colorado

100% of our senior clients have seen a drastic improvement in the first 4 weeks alone. Imagine feeling younger, stronger, healthier and with better balance in the next 30 days! This program is the fountain of youth! Join our senior clients who say they haven't felt this good in over 30 years!


#1 Senior fitness program in Colorado

Here's what 65 year old Glenn says:

"This is the first personal training experience I have ever had where I feel like I am getting specific training to help correct my posture and give me more energy. I can't recommend the trainers at JRT Fit enough!"

- Glenn Willis

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We believe the muscle imbalance assessment is the best choice for you. So we've decided to take all the risk onto our backs. If at any time in the first 7 days you feel that we did not live up to our promises, we'll pay you back DOUBLE what you've paid us - no strings and no questions!



My main reason for starting training was in preparation for a knee replacement. I had one done in February and the rehab was very difficult. I had to get my other knee done and was told if I had been stronger prior to my first surgery, my rehab would have been easier. I had my second knee done one month ago today and I'm already back to working out and walking a few miles every day. I attribute this solely to my JRT Fit trainer's expertise and knowledge to help me prepare.
I'm 66 years old and need training customized to my ability and needs such as strength, flexibility and balance - this is the only gym that has offered this level of training and they adjust this training as my abilities improve. I'm stronger with better balance more flexibility and able to continue living an independent life due to training with my JRT Fit trainer.
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Senior  fitness


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