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Our Philosophy

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Be a force for good
We believe the American people have suffered way too long in the hands of the government and their poorly regulated and overpriced insurance premiums. We are here to put an end to it and battle the forces of evil on your behalf, in order to bring you the savings you want and deserve
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No bots or animals
Since we've personally wanted to rip our hair out when we coudn't get a hold of real humans from companies we needed support from.. We've decided to ensure that every single time you want to get in touch with Yep, you get to speak to a real human who cares about you and your concerns
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Meet our team

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Glenn Willis
Glenn guides the team with his wisdom and kindness. He is an ethics superhero
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Emerson Willis
This is the man behind everything. He leads Yep Insurance into becoming America's #1 insurance agency
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Chelsea Willis
Chelsea ensures all our processes and client delivery happen on time, everytime
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Katerina Tselepi
Kathy is the PR powerhouse for YepInsurance. She ensures we get the word out and that we drink lots of tea
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Konstantinos Kaloulis
Konstantinos is the marketing powerhouse behind Yep Insurance, and CEO of testimonial for flood i
Other cool person
This is someone else who is just a super cool dude or dudette

Want to join our team?

We are always looking for people with great talent and a big
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